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 New Attitudes Motorcycle Club is an organization devoted to the promotion of clean and sober living in the community.

Our Brotherhood is built on trust and support in an environment filled with people who share the same values.

By hosting drug and alcohol free events throughout the year, we demonstrate that life can be full, exciting and rewarding.

New Attitudes M.C. is for people who share these principles and want to contribute and to those who are seeking to become clean and sober. Our club is filled with individuals who have made the decision to change and depend on each other to stay that way.

Too many good people have been lost to drugs and alcohol. We hope we can make a difference. If one life is saved, it is worth all of the time and effort our club puts forth.

Please help us carry the message. All support is greatly appreciated. You could be helping to save someones life.

                                    Ride to Live Live to Ride
                                           Clean & Sober